The Meantime

Maybe this is the trajectory predestined in the stars, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Welcome to HerVerse! I am so grateful for this “mosaic” existence I’ve been living. When I’m not teaching, editing college essays, and chaperoning high school events, I try to capture each fitted, broken, smooth, and jagged piece of life, connecting back to an ancient heart that speaks to friendship, perseverance, humor and love.

I’ve lived an adult life of “the meantime”– waiting for my real life to begin. What I’ve discovered on this journey are surprising moments of beautiful truth disguised as ordinary living. It’s nothing momentous or glamorous, but I am grateful for each minuscule miracle, each kindred spirit that has crossed my path.

To read how this all began, check out my piece “The Meantime” published in Role Reboot, September 2015.

The Meantime

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